Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Music Favourites!

Hello everyone!

Over the past year or so, since I started on twitter, I've started listening to a lot more artists that are unsigned/unknown. In this post I'm going to talk about those artists, and how you can find out more about them and listen to their music. I have already mentioned them in previous posts, but ah well! Let's go!

Sam Callahan

Sam is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Essex. He went to the Sylvia Theatre School in London and appeared in the West End as a child, but from the age of fourteen he started writing his own music. Personally, I love his own material more than I love the covers he does. He currently has one of his own songs on itunes ('Runaway Train') accompanied by two covers. Since the beginning of May he has been completing his Crazy Campaign leading up to the release of his new single 'Crazy'. I'm so impressed, as he's been able to raise over £1200 for Teenage Cancer Trust. I really feel like Sam deserves so much more recognition, because he works 24/7, and travels all over the country for it. As well as being really talented, he's so down to earth and nice to talk to. You can find Sam on:

The Parades

The Parades are a guitar-based British pop band, made up of Dan, James and Andy. Like Sam Callahan, they work 24/7 to make music, whether that's writing, recording or performing. They're so talented, and they make such good music. My all time favourite is Want You To Know, closely followed by All For You! I have only ever seen them live once, but I will be sure to go over and over again as they are so good live! I can't wait for them to get more recognition! I'm waiting for the day they release their music onto itunes for me to buy! You can find The Parades here:

I'm going to make these posts a more frequent thing, which explains why I have only picked two out of all of the unsigned/unknown artists I know of. Sam Callahan and The Parades are by far my two favourites, I could listen to their covers all day. They're all really nice people as well, which is always an added bonus. I really hope you do go and check them out, because they are worth a look at! Let me know what you think if you do! Thanks for reading!

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