Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hello friends!

So, what have I been up to recently? Not blogging is what I've been doing! I have all these plans for posts, but I haven't actually go around to doing them yet! Oops! Another thing I have been doing is preparing for an A-Level Biology field trip, which I am going on next week. We looked at the website today, and there is often paranormal activity investigations that take place where we're staying, which really terrifies me. I might end up having my duvet pulled off me half way through the night, or the bedroom door unlocking but who cares because I'm going to be doing Biology for five days straight! (Sense the sarcasm).

Now on to today's post. I opened up my wardrobe the other day, and it hit me how little nice clothes I have. I mean, I do have a lot of clothes, just none of it is really very nice. I picked up a couple of items the other day when I was in town, either from 'H! By Henry Holland' (Debenhams) or New Look! 

I love all of the things I bought. The denim/floral print shirt has my name all over it, and when I tried it on I fell in love with it, and for only £15, I think it was quite a bargain! The gopher top is just so cute, and it's also really baggy so it goes so well with the skater skirt I bought. The creepers I bought aren't the same as the ones in the picture - mine have spikes on, but I couldn't find them on the website. They're so comfortable to wear, and I thought they would look really stupid on me, but I've grown to love them. The skater skirt is a weird, waffle texture, but it fits so nicely. I have been meaning to get a skater skirt for such a long time, and now I finally have one! 

Now onto the things I wished I had. This is from both Debenhams and New Look, as those are the two places I had a good look round! 

I have had my eye on the dress for such a long time, and every time I go into debenhams I have to go the the H! By Henry Holland section and admire it some more. It has a really pretty collar on it, and I am a sucker for collars! The playsuit is so pretty as well, as it has lace around the pockets. Lace and denim go so nicely together. The skirt is also amazing! It has little white polkadots on, and I love how the model is wearing it with the black converse!

If you have read any of my previous posts about clothes, and what clothes I want, you can probably tell that I love New Look! I think that all the clothes is just so nice, and it's all reasonably good prices as well! Personally, I'm not one of those people that get all their clothes from Hollister or Jack Wills, because I think everything there is ridiculously overpriced! The crop top I chose is so pretty, and I think it would go so well with the skater skirt I already have! Plus, it's under £10 - BARGAIN! I picked up the skater skirt when I was shopping, and I was going to buy it instead of the black one, but because I wouldn't be allowed to wear the denim one to sixth form I bought the black one, but I do plan on buying this sometime in the near future. The shorts are another thing that I have been wanting to buy for ages, but I'm waiting until I lose a bit more weight, otherwise I'd look so silly! The oversized t-shirt has been on my wishlist ever since I saw the music video for 'How Ya Doin'' by Little Mix, because Jesy wore one and I think it looks so cool! Plus, I think it would be seriously comfortable! The wedges are a must for summer, I have never owned a pair of wedges, but I plan to get some for my sister's graduation to go with a nice dress (that I still haven't picked out....). Lastly, this bag (like the denim shirt I bought from Debenhams) has my name written all over it. I think it's so cute, and it's the perfect size for a handbag. The lacy bit on the pockets is so pretty, and I just love it! As you can tell, denim is a recurring theme for the things I have chosen! I just really love me some denim!

That's all my picks for today! Hopefully I accumulate enough money over the next few weeks for me to buy all/most of these things! I hope you enjoyed reading, and let me know what your favourite item is from what I've picked out!


  1. Love love love the creepers! They are so edgy and punk inspired. It fairly hard to find them around the US. (where I live) They aren't nearly as popular here.

    Sierra xx

    1. have you looked online? I'm sure you'll be able to find some somewhere! They're so nice, I have worn them everyday this week! :)