Friday, 30 August 2013

Bobbl: Ebay Shop

Hello friends!

If you have been keeping up with my posts, you will know that I have recently been doing some promotion for Bobbl. If you didn't read the post, Bobbl sell a range of interchangeable hats and Bobbls. The Bobbls come in five different colours - natural, teal, yellow, purple and pink and the hats also come in five colours - green, cream, grey, maroon and black. 

This morning they launched their Ebay shop, where you can get your hands on one of these! However, they are very limited as there are only FIVE of each colour combination available so make sure you go and get one before they run out! 

Also, a few lucky people who order a hat and bobbl will receive a FREE orange Bobbl with their order worth £20!

Go and take a look at the shop: Bobbl Ebay Shop
Go follow them on twitter: @BobblUK
And like them on facebook: /

Make sure you go and get yourself one before everyone else does!

Until next time...

Friday, 23 August 2013

My Bucketlist!

Hello friends!

Time to update my bucketlist! Obviously, this is only the second post I have done on this! I keep meaning to ask my sister how to add another tab onto my blog to keep track with all the things that I end up putting on my bucketlist as she's the one who is good with all this stuff, but I keep forgetting!

So, what do I want to put on my bucketlist today? I have a few more to add today...

I'm not the kind of person to be completely depressed about my weight and let it get me down. However, every time I go on tumblr I find a picture of a really slim girl who looks amazing, and I want to be like that. Let's be honest, I'm not ever going to be stick thin, but I'd like to be a little thinner than I am now. 

This has been at the top of my 'want to do' list for such a long time. I have so many friends that have done it and I envy them. I love elephants, and riding one would be such an amazing thing to do!

This is quite similar to the riding an elephant one, but I really want to go on a safari in Africa. African wildlife amazes me, and I'd love to go and see everything in it's natural habitat! That's most definitely something I plan to do in the future!

Thanks for reading, it's not a very long post, I know, but it's just an update really. Hope you enjoy reading these posts, and I have so many things to add in the future!

Until next time...

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hello friends!

Recently, I have been doing a little promotion mainly on twitter for a new company - Bobbl. Bobbl are a range of interchangeable hats and Bobbls, and ever since I heard about the idea I have loved it. I received my hat just hours ago and I haven't taken it off! The Bobbls are made with racoon fur which is so SO soft, and come in five colours - natural, teal, yellow, purple and pink. The hats are a wool and acrylic mix (50/50) and also come in five colours - green, cream, grey, maroon and black.

And yes, it is interchangeable. So you can mix and match any colour hat with any colour Bobbl depending on your oufit - there is a popper on the top which is more than easy enough to unpop. Furthermore, each Bobbl is handmade, meaning that the size and shape is unique. I absolutely love the idea, and I plan to buy some more Bobbls so I can change it around a bit! Who doesn't love the idea of interchangeable Bobbls!?!?! Like their facebook page ( and have a look at the different combinations you can get! 

Like I said, since I received mine (it's been a matter of hours) I haven't taken it off my head, it's so comfortable to wear. I liked the cream hat and teal Bobbl, and the colour of the teal is so pretty.

It's more than perfect for when it comes round to the autumn/winter months, it's so snuggly and warm. And you can change it to go with ANY outfit. 

The retail price for a hat and a Bobbl of your choice is £40.00, but if you want to buy a Bobbl/hat separately they are £20.00 each. I really recommend Bobbl hats, they're just so cute! Plus, they're not just for ladies - men can also wear them! 

Plus, there is a something special coming up the beginning of September, so go register your email addresses at! Follow their twitter, also, for updates - @BobblUK

Until next time...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August Wishlist!

Hello Friends! 

Little wishlist for you today!

I love all these items - obviously or they wouldn't be on my wishlist! Number one is a iPhone case, and the print is loads of little cats! I love cats so much, and I thought this was a perfect fit for me. It's so cute, I love it! Number 2 is a Nikon Coolpix L810. I have been wanting a decent camera for ages because I want to start making youtube videos, and because I can't afford a really expensive one that all the big youtubers use *sob*. Also, the picture quality is really good which is always something I look for when buying cameras... ;) Number 3 is a flower crown. I have seen so many pictures of people wearing a flower crown and they pull it off so well, I want to see whether it would suit me or not. The rest of the items are all 'bedroomy' things! I have been on tumblr recently and all I see is really cute bedrooms, and it's inspired me to get my own cute bedroom at some point in the near future. So I started off with a really nice dressing table and mirror (number 4). Now obviously I'm not going to buy this anytime soon, but I think it's so girly and cute! The cushion (number 5) and storage boxes (6) would look so good in the bedroom I have in my mind, I just hope that one day I have the chance to make a bedroom like this! Last, but by far my favourite and cheapest thing on the list is the fairy lights - a vital component to any girly bedroom. I currently don't have any on my bedroom, therefore they have been put on my wishlist. I think a room looks so much more adorable with the fairy lights on instead of the main light, and these ones are perfect because they're little flowers. I plan on buying this very soon! 

To give you an idea of the kind of bedroom I have in mind, here's some pictures! 

Imagine a mixture of those two bedrooms... how perfect is that!? Tumblr is such a good place to get inspiration for things to decorate your bedroom. For example, hanging up a bit of string in your room and pegging photos onto it. I know it's such an obvious thing to do, but I didn't think of it until I saw it in tumblr! So yeah, that's my plans for when I move out and I have my own bedroom! 

I hope you enjoyed reading and much as I enjoyed looking for things to put in my 'dream' bedroom! I'm going to do a wishlist every month from now on, which I really look forward to doing! Until next time...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

My Bucket List!

Hello friends!

I have been reading some bucketlists recently, and it's really inspired me to do my own. I have always been meaning to make one but I have never actually got round to doing it, but now I have been looking at some I have really wanted to do one. So I thought as a new segment to my blog, every so often I could add something whacky (or maybe not so whacky) to my bucketlist. Every time I complete one thing, big or small, I'll write a little post about how it went etc...

So what's my first thing on my bucketlist. It's a very, VERY optimistic thing to aim to do, but I think it would be so cool. 

I think anyone would agree with me that meeting Johnny Depp would be THE coolest thing ever. Anyone who knows me could tell you how much I go on about Johnny Depp. He is, in my eyes, the most amazing man on this planet and god do I love him. Now, I know that it's such a big thing to start with, and the likelihood is that this will never happen, but let's stay positive. Go big or go home! Plus, I'm not too bad at meeting celebrities, so it's not completely out of question... I hope. If the day ever comes, it will most definitely, without a doubt, be one of the best days of my life.

As this is my first post of my bucketlist, I'm going to add two things! 

This is something that I think would be so cool - climbing a mountain. I think it would better to fly out to somewhere different to the UK, so that would be ideal, but if I end up climbing Mount Snowdon then so be it - it's still a mountain. Getting to the top would be such an achievement! One day!

Well, that concludes my bucket list post for today! Hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you're as excited as I am to see what I put on my list! I'm looking up things as I go, so I don't actually have many more ideas after these two... oops! Ah well! Until next time...

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Hello friends!

Well, I've had a very boring start to the summer holidays! I have done next to nothing in the last week, other than finally finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It's taken me ages to finish the book, but I finally did it. I watched the film only minutes after closing the book and I was impressed with that as well. However, the third film still stands as my favourite. I haven't seen the last three though! I also went bowling yesterday with one of my school friends, my brother and my sister. I managed to score one strike in two games, pro-bowler right here! I never realised how bad I actually was...

So today I went down to my Nan's to do some baking. I cheated a little bit, as in I bought packet stuff and I just had to add a few little things. I made a vanilla cheesecake with strawberry and chocolate on the top, it turned out really nice actually. However, I used the wrong tin size, therefore it was really thin... It still tasted delicious!


I didn't get a picture of it out of the tin, but it was only like 1cm thick! I think with a tin this size I should probably use two mixes. Or just get a smaller tin! 

The brownies came out really well! Last time I used one of these mix things it didn't work at all, I'm not sure what I did wrong. However this time they are delicious. They're perfectly gooey in the middle and crispy on the outside. We also added cherries.. mmm! 

I'm no expert, but the mixes were actually really good, and really cheap. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes to bake occasionally, or needs them for a party or for friends or something. Really impressed, especially with the brownies! 

Other than baking, I took a few pictures of my nan's new puppy. Well, I say 'new', nan has had her for a good few months now. Her name is Pippa, and she's the cutest little lady I've ever seen! Here she is!

Just after a little groom!

Pippa selfies!

I think she wanted my chocolate...

That was a bit of a jumbled up post, one minute I was talking about Harry Potter, then baking, then dogs! Ah well, that's just my last week summed up in one post! Hope you enjoyed reading! 

What's your favourite thing to bake?