Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hello friends!

Recently, I have been doing a little promotion mainly on twitter for a new company - Bobbl. Bobbl are a range of interchangeable hats and Bobbls, and ever since I heard about the idea I have loved it. I received my hat just hours ago and I haven't taken it off! The Bobbls are made with racoon fur which is so SO soft, and come in five colours - natural, teal, yellow, purple and pink. The hats are a wool and acrylic mix (50/50) and also come in five colours - green, cream, grey, maroon and black.

And yes, it is interchangeable. So you can mix and match any colour hat with any colour Bobbl depending on your oufit - there is a popper on the top which is more than easy enough to unpop. Furthermore, each Bobbl is handmade, meaning that the size and shape is unique. I absolutely love the idea, and I plan to buy some more Bobbls so I can change it around a bit! Who doesn't love the idea of interchangeable Bobbls!?!?! Like their facebook page ( and have a look at the different combinations you can get! 

Like I said, since I received mine (it's been a matter of hours) I haven't taken it off my head, it's so comfortable to wear. I liked the cream hat and teal Bobbl, and the colour of the teal is so pretty.

It's more than perfect for when it comes round to the autumn/winter months, it's so snuggly and warm. And you can change it to go with ANY outfit. 

The retail price for a hat and a Bobbl of your choice is £40.00, but if you want to buy a Bobbl/hat separately they are £20.00 each. I really recommend Bobbl hats, they're just so cute! Plus, they're not just for ladies - men can also wear them! 

Plus, there is a something special coming up the beginning of September, so go register your email addresses at! Follow their twitter, also, for updates - @BobblUK

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