Tuesday, 6 August 2013

August Wishlist!

Hello Friends! 

Little wishlist for you today!

I love all these items - obviously or they wouldn't be on my wishlist! Number one is a iPhone case, and the print is loads of little cats! I love cats so much, and I thought this was a perfect fit for me. It's so cute, I love it! Number 2 is a Nikon Coolpix L810. I have been wanting a decent camera for ages because I want to start making youtube videos, and because I can't afford a really expensive one that all the big youtubers use *sob*. Also, the picture quality is really good which is always something I look for when buying cameras... ;) Number 3 is a flower crown. I have seen so many pictures of people wearing a flower crown and they pull it off so well, I want to see whether it would suit me or not. The rest of the items are all 'bedroomy' things! I have been on tumblr recently and all I see is really cute bedrooms, and it's inspired me to get my own cute bedroom at some point in the near future. So I started off with a really nice dressing table and mirror (number 4). Now obviously I'm not going to buy this anytime soon, but I think it's so girly and cute! The cushion (number 5) and storage boxes (6) would look so good in the bedroom I have in my mind, I just hope that one day I have the chance to make a bedroom like this! Last, but by far my favourite and cheapest thing on the list is the fairy lights - a vital component to any girly bedroom. I currently don't have any on my bedroom, therefore they have been put on my wishlist. I think a room looks so much more adorable with the fairy lights on instead of the main light, and these ones are perfect because they're little flowers. I plan on buying this very soon! 

To give you an idea of the kind of bedroom I have in mind, here's some pictures! 

Imagine a mixture of those two bedrooms... how perfect is that!? Tumblr is such a good place to get inspiration for things to decorate your bedroom. For example, hanging up a bit of string in your room and pegging photos onto it. I know it's such an obvious thing to do, but I didn't think of it until I saw it in tumblr! So yeah, that's my plans for when I move out and I have my own bedroom! 

I hope you enjoyed reading and much as I enjoyed looking for things to put in my 'dream' bedroom! I'm going to do a wishlist every month from now on, which I really look forward to doing! Until next time...

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