Friday, 24 May 2013

My Benefit Makeover!

Hello lovelies! 

I know it's been a while since I've done a blog post, but I've had about a billion exams the past week or so, so I thought I'd focus more on revision (like I've been banging on about in previous posts). Fortunately, I only have two exams left and so I have loads more time on my hand! WOO FOR MORE POSTS! 

About a week ago, I tagged along with my sister (alyssiarose) and Kerrie (Pish Posh and Polish) and went and had my make-up done at the Benefit counter in Camp Hopsons. We had a cheeky McDonalds and a gander around Paperchase and New Look before hand - I didn't pick anything up purely due to the fact I had hardly any money on me at the time *sad face*. 

ZERO MAKEUP! (I realise I look horrid with no make up on)

We got into Camp Hopsons, and I was immediately nominated to have my make-up done first as there was only one lady to do it at the time. I had never had my make-up done like that before, so I didn't know what to expect... but the lady was so nice! She started applying the slap on my face, and I could feel the difference between the foundation I usually wear and the one she was using. It was so light, but covered so well. 

mmmm skin imperfections

She then whacked this bad boy under my eyes (where the horrible dark circles are), and this is honestly one of the biggest improvements I have ever seen. It's a hydrating concealer, so around the edge was the bit that hydrates under your eyes, and the concealer was in the middle. So little was needed to cover up, and it covered up so well. I seriously recommend this to anyone! 

finished look

I understand that I don't look that different at all, but that's because I asked for it to look natural, and I think she did a very good job. Some of the main differences that I don't tend to do on my face is the eyebrows, the eyeshadow and lipstick. I don't think anything looks too out of place though!

Here's a list of some of the wonderful things piled onto my face:

They're all amazing products, and I'd seriously recommend them to anyone! Especially the Fake Up Concealer and Lipstick, especially if you're someone who doesn't usually wear lipstick - it hardly looks like there's anything on your lips! The staff were so nice, and I generally had a really nice day out! It was topped off with going to see Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3 (BRILLIANT FILM)!

Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Again, sorry for the lack of posts! They'll be written more frequently now, hopefully!

Monday, 13 May 2013

My Instaweek #4!

Bonjour friends!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you would have got some idea of how stressed I have been about my exams. Well, today I got through two of them, and now I only have five left! And I don't have another one until next Tuesday, so I have ages to prepare more for them! I feel like they went well, but we'll see on results day *worried face*! 

However, now I have no exams for a whole week, I can spend a couple of days writing a load of blog posts so I won't have to write any for a while - it's cheating I know, but who cares! So today's post is an instagram photo round-up, as you can tell from the title of the post! I haven't been that busy on instagram this week, so I apologise for the lack of quality and quantity of the photos! 

1. HOW OLD!? - so the guy on the left of the picture is James Yammouni, who is a member of the Janoskians (youtube them). I worked out the other day that he is only 3 weeks older than me, but I honestly think he looks about 3 years older than me!? Let me know what you think!
2. Sunny - I honestly thought the weather was looking up, but as the week went on it got worse and worse. I hate that British weather changes so quickly! I was just getting used to the sun!
3. Close up - as you can tell from the picture, my eyeliner went spectacularly that day, and my hair had a really nice wave in it, so yeah I took a picture...
4. Beyonce? - I tweeted this picture, and I got over 117 retweets. I was pretty chuffed with myself. I classed this as my 'Beyonce moment'. Recently, I've been getting loads of retweets and I feel so popular! Usually something between 70 retweets and 160. WOO POPULARITY!
5. Coral Diamonds - I did my nails again! I always love putting false nails on, because I like having long nails. Also, I was pretty impressed with how well I manged to decorate them! 
6. With my faves - so if you read my 'Top 5 Tim Burton films', you probably understand that I have a huge love for Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. So the other day, I watched Dark Shadows. I forgot how funny it was, it's such a brilliant film!
7. Ooooo arty - it's not arty at all. I really liked the lip colour I was wearing at the time (which was the apocolips thing I have mentioned numerous times), and so I decided to be all cool and take a picture!
8. SO MUCH CRAP - so my sister moved home yesterday (Sunday), and all of her stuff is all over the place! Admittedly she hasn't sorted it all out yet, but it's scattered everywhere, and my room is a mess. I can't wait to get it all sorted out!
9. Mutant Carrot? - My brother brought this carrot up to show me just before I wrote this post, and because it amused me I instagrammed it... that's the sort of stuff you will get if you were to follow me on there!

And that's all! I told you I was a bit short on instagram photos! I haven't done anything interesting worth instagramming! If you feel like you want to follow me, type 'sladey96' in the searchbar and you'll find me! Comment with your instagrams if you want a follow!

Thank you for reading! In a bit!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tish's Top 5!

Bonjour Friends!

I HAVE 2 EXAMS TOMORROW! I woke up this morning, and even after all the preparation I have done I still don't feel ready! I've been revising for these exams for absolutely ages yet I feel like nothing has gone in! PANIC. I have put all my revision posters up on the wall, and I'm taking a short break now to write this and then get some lunch, then I will spend the rest of the day staring at my wall hope something goes in... fingers crossed.

Also, this week, I've started doing daily exercises! Yes, you heard right, exercises! I'm focusing on my arms, legs and stomach (so basically my whole body), and I complete a routine every day in the hope that one day I will be a lot more toned. I have also started drinking a load more water, and eating a lot more fruit! MMMM HEALTH.

Anyways, it's that time again where I give you my Top 5 on a certain topic. I have done quite a few of these already, so make sure you go and check them out! This week's top 5 is... *drum roll* - 'Tish's Top 5 Bands/Boybands'. Yet again, these aren't in any order, they're just my favourite five! Let's go!

1. The Wanted

I don't know where to start with these boys! I've always liked them, but then I saw them at my local racecourse and I fell in love with them! They're personalities are what makes them so brilliant, and they're voices are so good! There's so much rivalry between The Wanted and One Direction, and in my opinion (even though it is biased) The Wanted deserve as much attention as One Direction get, if not more. The amount they give back to their fans is unreal. I'm not going to carry on with that because this will just turn into one massive rant... 

2. District 3

You may, or may not recognise District 3. They were on X Factor in 2012, but loads of people have just forgotten about them. But similar to The Wanted, their personalities are a big part of what makes me love them. They're three great boys, who are hilarious to watch. They're also so talented and their harmonies are so well thought out. If you don't remember them/have never heard of them, I seriously suggest you go and have a listen on youtube. Especially their cover of 'I'll Make Love To You'. Do it, you know you want to.

3. JLS

I have already mentioned JLS in a previous post. I have supported them pretty much from the start, and watching them grow as artists has been amazing to watch. Now it's come to an end, all I can say is that I am so proud of how much they've achieved. They brought back the boyband craze, and I love them for that. Gonna miss them!

4. McFly

I've loved McFly since I was about 7 or 8. I used to listen to them all the time, and every thought that went through my mind was about McFly in some way or another. And then I went through a phase where I didn't really listen to them that much, and only heard them if one of their new releases was on the radio. But the obsession has grown again, and I love them! I bought their Memory Lane album, and I must say it is brilliant. It's got all the big hits on there, and I just stick it on and sing at the top of my lungs. 

5. Fall Out Boy

Boy am I glad these four have come back, and boy have they come back with a bang. They're newest releases are so unbelievably amazing, and I cannot stop listening to it. When I say I can't stop listening to it, I put 'The Phoenix' on a loop and listened to it about 5 times in a row.... My sister used to play their music all the time, and I liked them back then, but now they're back it's all about Fall Out Boy for me! Also, Patrick Stump is 1) gorgeous! and 2) such a talented musician and actor. I'm more than glad that they have returned!

And there we have it! Another top 5 done and dusted. They're are a few that I didn't mention. Lawson are another band I adore, and Andy is a lyrical genius. I believe he wrote the whole album pretty much himself, and if you were to listen to it, there's so much meaning behind each song (deep, I know). There's also this upcoming band called The Parades. I'll take this opportunity to promote them a bit! They're a three piece from Reading (which is exciting because I am also from Reading), and they're really quite talented. Take a look at their youtube here, and if you like what you hear, go grab a free download of 'Off The Ground' here! I highly suggest you go listen to them! You can also follow them on twitter (@theparadesband)! WOOO PROMOTION!

Thank you for reading guys, hope you enjoyed it! 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Wardrobe Favourites...

Bonjour friends!

Saturday, I spent the majority of my day (literally about 6 hours) tidying out my wardrobe. It was a MESS, all the clothes weren't folded up - it was literally just chucked on top of other stuff. My sister is coming home from university on Saturday, I think, and she needs loads of room for her stuff, so it had to be done. I ended up getting rid of about 6 binbags full of clothes - some we recycled, and some of it went to a farm down the road from me for a bootsale, hopefully I helped them make some money for the dogs and cats they've rescued! It also hit me how extreme my handbag addiction was. I counted that I had 26 in my wardrobe, not including my school or work bag. I managed to whittle it down to just 10, which is still waaaaay too many! Oops!

I've picked out some things that I absolutely love, most of it being years old. That's the (only) thing I love about tidying, that you always find something that you forgot you had! I will be able to tell you where each thing is from, but I doubt any of it is sold any more simply because all of it is so old. However, there's probably similar things that could be found somewhere!

new look

I love this dress a lot a lot a lot! It's from New Look, I think it was in the sale when I bought it. The top half is black lace, with a bit of material behind it to hide your boobies! The skirt part of the dress is just above knee length, and it has two layers - one thick bit of material, and another thin, see-through bit on top, both bits float around. The belt was an added extra, I think that was also from New Look and it was only like £2.99 - bargain! It's plain black, with a gold buckle. The thing I love about this dress is that it can be worn for a formal occasion, but it can also be worn casually with some converse shoes. I love it!


I've got to admit, when I was in lower school I HATED wearing a blazer. It was always so unnecessary, but now I'm in sixth form I think it's vital for any smart outfit. I have this plain black one, and the same one but in a baby pink colour. I also have a dark green one, and purple one, and two grey ones. The thing I love about this one in particular is 1) the lining inside is really nice (I'm easily pleased), and 2) it's really light, so you don't get too hot in it, especially now the weather's getting warmer! It's a must-have for any lady's wardrobe!

I have literally no clue where this is from. It says something on the label, but it's really faded so I couldn't read it *sad face*. I think this once belonged to my mum, but I stole it! I found this hung right at the back of my wardrobe, and once I found it again I was over the moon. I have been looking for a coat/jacket like this for ages - I really like the camouflage print ones. This one has really spacious pockets, so when I have a case on my phone that is ridiculously big (I have one case that has cat ears), I will be able to put it in there. Unfortunately, now the weather is getting warmer I probably won't need it. Ah well, I've always got it for when it gets colder!


I love love LOVE this top. I think this was about £12 from primark, which is pretty pricey for Primark clothes in my opinion, but it was too pretty to resist. It's made of see-through, black material so I strappy top is needed underneath, but it's the collar that I fell in love with. It's sort of crochet, but sort of lace (can you tell it's hard to explain!?). It also has these little black beads sown onto it in little flower shapes. I completely forgot I had this, and when I found it I was so pleased! Anything with a pretty collar on, I love.

New Look

This is another absolute must-have. This was one of my most recent purchases, and I wear it with everything. It's really thick denim, so with the recent weather it has been fine over a plain t-shirt, with no other jacket needed. I often roll the sleeves up on it, but they can be rolled down and done up - I just prefer them rolled up. The poppers on this have a pearly look to them, which I adore. There was another one in New Look at the time which aztec prints on the collar, but it was more money than I had on me at the time! Literally, this is my favourite thing to wear at the moment.

New Look

Every girl has to own a pair of heels, right!? I only have two pairs of heels - these ones, and another pair that are waaaay too high for me to walk in! These are just the perfect height for me, and it doesn't hurt at all to wear them. I have only worn them once before, and I couldn't stop looking at my feet because I love them so much. They're a suede texture, and have a wedged heel. I think these ones are from the wide-fit section in New Look, but you can get these kinds of heels ANYWHERE. 

New Look

If I could, I would happily wear these and nothing else for the rest of my life. They're from New Look, and I think they're supposed to be their equivalent of Converse. They're so so sooooo comfortable, I can't stress how much I recommend these. I have a white pair as well, but they're slowly dying so I thought it was about time to replace them. There are also some red ones in New Look at the moment, which I intend on buying at some point in the near future. For £9.99 a pair, I don't think you can go wrong!

That's all my wardrobe favourites for now - can you tell that the only places I shop are New Look and Primark? There were a few more things I picked out, but I thought I'd leave those for another time and make posts like this a more frequent thing... let me know what you think? Also, all of the things I've talked about have been worn many times, so excuse the fact they are in a bit of a dirty state (especially my black 'converse'). Hope you enjoyed reading!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Instaweek #3

Bonjour friends!

I am actually a week behind on this.. oops! But like I keep saying, I am so busy with revision. Only a couple more weeks and the posts will be coming more frequent! Plus, my instagram isn't interesting at all, so I don't want to bore you all with absolute rubbish!

1. Nick Crompton - I discovered this guy on youtube a few months ago when Sam Pepper liked/commented on one of his videos. I find him so funny, and so relatable - really suggest you go have a watch!
2. Satchel - this is just one of four satchels I own, and this one is by far my favourite. It's just big enough to fit in my essentials, but I'm looking for a similar one but in a bigger size to that I can use it for school.
3. Ooo selfie - I have mentioned this lip product in so many posts - Apocalips Lip Laquer in Stellar. I love it so much!
4. Movie night - I love me a good movie night. I watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, followed by Pirates of the Caribbean. 'Twas a good night!
5. Walkies! - recently I've been taking my dogs out on really long walks, 1) because it's not fair for the dogs to stay in all the time, and 2) I'm hoping it will help me lose a bit of weight.. fingers crossed.
6. Oops, another selfie - no, I don't like to look at myself at all, but sometimes I think my make-up went well, so I take a picture. Who cares!?
7. Make-up faves - these three things are my absolute saviours. There's nothing waking up in the morning with a massive spot on your face. But luckily, these things help to cover it up a bit!
8. I'm no muggle - I have become obsessed with Harry Potter since I went to the studio tour, which is where I bought this wand. I love having a wand, it makes me feel cool...
9. REVISION - gaaaaaah! I hate revising so much, I always manage to get distracted, which doesn't help one bit! 
10. Fresh duvet - nothing better than changing the sheets on your bed. Mmmmm fresh!
11.  Is it a teddy or a puppy? - so my nan is getting a puppy! Everyone meet Honey. I went and saw her the other day, and she is the most adorable puppy ever. She is so chubby, so when she walks along her little legs look so cute. And she kept liking my nose! I love her already.
12. Sigh - I found my tour programmes out the other day from the last two JLS tours. I had a good look through them both. Such a shame!
13. Cats (again) - if you've read any of my previous posts, you will know I love to take pictures with my cat. It's just something I do.
14. Sigh some more - I also found this JLS charm bracelet in one of the handbags I got rid of the other day. Those boys will forever be my favourites.
15. New skirt! - It's not new at all, I found it in the back of my wardrobe, and I love it! However, it is really short, so I'm going to find one from somewhere that's a bit longer.
16. Maths killed my calculator - I found this the other day, and it was broken. It wasn't as bad as it is in the picture but my brother thought it would be a good idea to how much worse he could make it... Luckily I have another one that I can use in my exams.

Bam! Another week done! I can't believe how quickly this has gone, and I can't believe I've had my blog for a month (it was a month Sunday)! Thanks for everyone who's followed me! I'm not sure whether 20 followers is a good amount or not!? But I appreciate you all, and thank you so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! 

Also, a little side-note. I wrote a guest post on one of my friend's blog, check it out here! Would love some feedback! I'll have Amy over here to write a guest post at some point, so look forward to that! 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tish's Top 5!

Bonjour friends!

It's that time of week again, another one of my top 5s! I know it should have been done yesterday, but I was clearing out my wardrobe for when my sister moves back - it took me a long long time! But it's all done now, and I have a post coming up on some of the things I found in there that I completely forgot I had - keep an eye out! This week's top 5 is 'Tish's Top 5 Tim Burton Films'. Seeing as I did actors last week, I'll do actresses in a few weeks time! This week, it isn't in any particular order, I couldn't possibly rank them. 

1. Sweeney Todd

This is most definitely my favourite film at the moment. It's such a good storyline, and there is just about the perfect amount of gore needed for a film like this. I love the casting of Sweeney Todd as well - I mean, who doesn't love a film with Johnny and Helena in!? Plus, the soundtrack is better than awesome, and since I bought it I cannot stop listening to it. Highly suggest you all go and watch this (unless you hate blood, it may make you feel a little bit sick...)

2. Alice in Wonderland

Another Tim classic, and yes it has Johnny and Helena in it. One of the main reasons I love this film, other than the brilliant acting from the best cast, it's the fact it's so Tim Burton. It's so imaginative, and the colours and I just love it. I also love how they filmed 99% of it in a massive green screen room. Really think Tim did the original Alice in Wonderland justice by adding his own twist. I realise that loads of people don't like it because it 'ruins' the original, but it's so different to the original, I don't understand how it 'ruins' it? Ah well, I love it.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

I understand that Tim didn't direct The Nightmare Before Christmas, but he did co-write it and produce it, and this is one film he is really well known for. Again, I love the imagination that went behind this, and for a film that was made in 1993 it's really good quality. Furthermore, the songs from this film are brilliant. 

4. Edward Scissorhands

It doesn't matter how many times I have seen this film, it makes me cry every single time. The storyline to it is brilliant - only Tim could think of giving some man scissors for hands. The whole Edward and Kim situation is so sad, but Tim also manages to get in some comical bits, such as the scene when he punctures the waterbed, and covers it up with a little toy dog. I crack up every time I see that bit - brilliant!

5. Sleepy Hollow

I always remember my sister and mum watching this film when I was younger, and I always used to be scared of it. However, it was on TV the other month, and who am I to turn down a Tim/Johnny film!? So I watched it, and realised how unbelievably amazing it was. Similarly to Sweeney Todd, there is just the right amount of blood in this film - Tim doesn't go overboard with it. Plus, fun fact for you all, the tree in Sleepy Hollow (in the picture above) is used in Alice in Wonderland as well (you can see it in the background of the Alice in Wonderland picture). Thought you'd all like to know.

6. Dark Shadows

I know what you're thinking.. 'she's done six!?'. I know I've done six, and that's simply because I couldn't miss any of these out. I had my list of five, and completely forgot about Dark Shadows and as I couldn't replace any of the others, I added it on the end. Honestly, Dark Shadows is such a funny film. It's just the fact that Barnabas Collins is from 1752, and it's set in 1972, and he has to get used to everything. One of my favourite bits is when he's talking to Carolyn about 'birthing hips' and such things. Johnny Depp is such a brilliant actor.

So yeah, that's my top 6 Tim Burton films. Obviously, I really do love all of his other films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie, but the ones in the top 6 are my all time favourites. I just love the darkness behind all of Tim's work, there's little traits in all his films - like the dark make-up around the eyes. I just think he is a fantastic writer/director/producer, and I honestly cannot wait to see what he has in store the years to come. GAH I LOVE YOU TIM.


Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Perfect Summer...

Hello my loves!

So, what have I been up to? Mostly school, like usual, but I have also started a diet! Well, I say diet, I'm just trying to cut down on the amount I eat, and I've started walking a lot more. I was scrolling through my tumblr the other day and the amount of skinny girls on there that have perfect bodies is enough inspiration for me to try and do this properly this time - I will be skinny one day (fingers crossed). So yeah, I've been eating a lot more fruit (it would be veg as well, but I can't stand any other vegetable other than sweetcorn), and I've been drinking at least 3 bottles of water or so a day. That's probably still not enough, but it is a huge improvement on how much water I used to drink! 

That brings me onto my what my post is about today - SUMMER! With the nice weather slowly creeping in, and me eating loads of fruit, it made me think how excited I am for summer. I haven't got anything much planned for the summer holidays. I know I'm going up to Norwich to visit one of my friends for a week or so, and I am also going to Summer in The  with my sister which I am super excited about! 

I thought today I'd list a few things I think that are essential for having a good summer. I know I'm not going anywhere much to have a good summer, but I thought this would be nice for all you people planning on going on holiday to somewhere really hot (which if you are, can I come in your suitcase!?)

Bright Nails

In my opinion, I love to have really bright colours on my nails any time of the year. But particularly this Spring/Summer. I love the colours I have on in the picture (Thumb-little finger: Barry M Block Orange, Barry M Mint Green, Avon Nailwear Pro+ Lemon Sugar, Rimmel 60 Seconds Oh Boy You're So Fine!, Rimmel 60 Seconds Instyle Coral). I think they really brighten up any outfit, and seeing bright nails really puts me in a good mood for some reason!

Tanned Skin

This doesn't apply to me at all. I am one of those people who are so pale that it looks stupid, and I burn so much that I go red which never EVER turns into a tan. I'm seriously so jealous of the people who tan really easily when there's a tiny bit of sun. But I think it's really nice when someone has a tan, whether it's natural or comes from a bottle. (Also, the picture is an example of one of those really slim people on tumblr that makes me want to loose a tonne of weight).


I absolutely love this bikini. I was looking on the New Look website and there are so many I absolutely love the look of, I just wish I was going somewhere to wear it! I think this would be absolutely perfect for going to the beach, maybe with a plain white, baggy top tucked into the shorts. I also love the sandals and bangle together! 

Luscious Lips  

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I am not a big lipstick/lipgloss wearer, but I absolutely love the Apocalips lip laquers! They sit on your lips for absolutely ages, and the colours are wonderful. The two colours I have are Luna which is a nude colour, and Stellar which is a bright pink. I would seriously recommend these to anyone!


I cannot wait until the weather gets hot enough for me to make myself one of these! No one in their right mind could tell me that fruity mocktails don't look delicious. Obviously, if you were old enough it could be a proper cocktail, but as I'm not a drinker I will stick to the mocktails! Just looking at the picture makes me feel refreshed! Mmmmm.

I, for one, cannot wait until summer! Let's just hope I don't get too sunburned! As long as I get a good suncream, I'm sure I'll be okay! I hope you enjoyed the post, and maybe now you're even more excited about summer! Let me know in the comments what your summer essentials are, maybe there's something major that I've forgotten!