Wednesday, 8 May 2013

My Wardrobe Favourites...

Bonjour friends!

Saturday, I spent the majority of my day (literally about 6 hours) tidying out my wardrobe. It was a MESS, all the clothes weren't folded up - it was literally just chucked on top of other stuff. My sister is coming home from university on Saturday, I think, and she needs loads of room for her stuff, so it had to be done. I ended up getting rid of about 6 binbags full of clothes - some we recycled, and some of it went to a farm down the road from me for a bootsale, hopefully I helped them make some money for the dogs and cats they've rescued! It also hit me how extreme my handbag addiction was. I counted that I had 26 in my wardrobe, not including my school or work bag. I managed to whittle it down to just 10, which is still waaaaay too many! Oops!

I've picked out some things that I absolutely love, most of it being years old. That's the (only) thing I love about tidying, that you always find something that you forgot you had! I will be able to tell you where each thing is from, but I doubt any of it is sold any more simply because all of it is so old. However, there's probably similar things that could be found somewhere!

new look

I love this dress a lot a lot a lot! It's from New Look, I think it was in the sale when I bought it. The top half is black lace, with a bit of material behind it to hide your boobies! The skirt part of the dress is just above knee length, and it has two layers - one thick bit of material, and another thin, see-through bit on top, both bits float around. The belt was an added extra, I think that was also from New Look and it was only like £2.99 - bargain! It's plain black, with a gold buckle. The thing I love about this dress is that it can be worn for a formal occasion, but it can also be worn casually with some converse shoes. I love it!


I've got to admit, when I was in lower school I HATED wearing a blazer. It was always so unnecessary, but now I'm in sixth form I think it's vital for any smart outfit. I have this plain black one, and the same one but in a baby pink colour. I also have a dark green one, and purple one, and two grey ones. The thing I love about this one in particular is 1) the lining inside is really nice (I'm easily pleased), and 2) it's really light, so you don't get too hot in it, especially now the weather's getting warmer! It's a must-have for any lady's wardrobe!

I have literally no clue where this is from. It says something on the label, but it's really faded so I couldn't read it *sad face*. I think this once belonged to my mum, but I stole it! I found this hung right at the back of my wardrobe, and once I found it again I was over the moon. I have been looking for a coat/jacket like this for ages - I really like the camouflage print ones. This one has really spacious pockets, so when I have a case on my phone that is ridiculously big (I have one case that has cat ears), I will be able to put it in there. Unfortunately, now the weather is getting warmer I probably won't need it. Ah well, I've always got it for when it gets colder!


I love love LOVE this top. I think this was about £12 from primark, which is pretty pricey for Primark clothes in my opinion, but it was too pretty to resist. It's made of see-through, black material so I strappy top is needed underneath, but it's the collar that I fell in love with. It's sort of crochet, but sort of lace (can you tell it's hard to explain!?). It also has these little black beads sown onto it in little flower shapes. I completely forgot I had this, and when I found it I was so pleased! Anything with a pretty collar on, I love.

New Look

This is another absolute must-have. This was one of my most recent purchases, and I wear it with everything. It's really thick denim, so with the recent weather it has been fine over a plain t-shirt, with no other jacket needed. I often roll the sleeves up on it, but they can be rolled down and done up - I just prefer them rolled up. The poppers on this have a pearly look to them, which I adore. There was another one in New Look at the time which aztec prints on the collar, but it was more money than I had on me at the time! Literally, this is my favourite thing to wear at the moment.

New Look

Every girl has to own a pair of heels, right!? I only have two pairs of heels - these ones, and another pair that are waaaay too high for me to walk in! These are just the perfect height for me, and it doesn't hurt at all to wear them. I have only worn them once before, and I couldn't stop looking at my feet because I love them so much. They're a suede texture, and have a wedged heel. I think these ones are from the wide-fit section in New Look, but you can get these kinds of heels ANYWHERE. 

New Look

If I could, I would happily wear these and nothing else for the rest of my life. They're from New Look, and I think they're supposed to be their equivalent of Converse. They're so so sooooo comfortable, I can't stress how much I recommend these. I have a white pair as well, but they're slowly dying so I thought it was about time to replace them. There are also some red ones in New Look at the moment, which I intend on buying at some point in the near future. For £9.99 a pair, I don't think you can go wrong!

That's all my wardrobe favourites for now - can you tell that the only places I shop are New Look and Primark? There were a few more things I picked out, but I thought I'd leave those for another time and make posts like this a more frequent thing... let me know what you think? Also, all of the things I've talked about have been worn many times, so excuse the fact they are in a bit of a dirty state (especially my black 'converse'). Hope you enjoyed reading!

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