Monday, 13 May 2013

My Instaweek #4!

Bonjour friends!

If you've read any of my previous posts, you would have got some idea of how stressed I have been about my exams. Well, today I got through two of them, and now I only have five left! And I don't have another one until next Tuesday, so I have ages to prepare more for them! I feel like they went well, but we'll see on results day *worried face*! 

However, now I have no exams for a whole week, I can spend a couple of days writing a load of blog posts so I won't have to write any for a while - it's cheating I know, but who cares! So today's post is an instagram photo round-up, as you can tell from the title of the post! I haven't been that busy on instagram this week, so I apologise for the lack of quality and quantity of the photos! 

1. HOW OLD!? - so the guy on the left of the picture is James Yammouni, who is a member of the Janoskians (youtube them). I worked out the other day that he is only 3 weeks older than me, but I honestly think he looks about 3 years older than me!? Let me know what you think!
2. Sunny - I honestly thought the weather was looking up, but as the week went on it got worse and worse. I hate that British weather changes so quickly! I was just getting used to the sun!
3. Close up - as you can tell from the picture, my eyeliner went spectacularly that day, and my hair had a really nice wave in it, so yeah I took a picture...
4. Beyonce? - I tweeted this picture, and I got over 117 retweets. I was pretty chuffed with myself. I classed this as my 'Beyonce moment'. Recently, I've been getting loads of retweets and I feel so popular! Usually something between 70 retweets and 160. WOO POPULARITY!
5. Coral Diamonds - I did my nails again! I always love putting false nails on, because I like having long nails. Also, I was pretty impressed with how well I manged to decorate them! 
6. With my faves - so if you read my 'Top 5 Tim Burton films', you probably understand that I have a huge love for Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. So the other day, I watched Dark Shadows. I forgot how funny it was, it's such a brilliant film!
7. Ooooo arty - it's not arty at all. I really liked the lip colour I was wearing at the time (which was the apocolips thing I have mentioned numerous times), and so I decided to be all cool and take a picture!
8. SO MUCH CRAP - so my sister moved home yesterday (Sunday), and all of her stuff is all over the place! Admittedly she hasn't sorted it all out yet, but it's scattered everywhere, and my room is a mess. I can't wait to get it all sorted out!
9. Mutant Carrot? - My brother brought this carrot up to show me just before I wrote this post, and because it amused me I instagrammed it... that's the sort of stuff you will get if you were to follow me on there!

And that's all! I told you I was a bit short on instagram photos! I haven't done anything interesting worth instagramming! If you feel like you want to follow me, type 'sladey96' in the searchbar and you'll find me! Comment with your instagrams if you want a follow!

Thank you for reading! In a bit!

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  1. Ah I'm jealous that you're so close to finishing you're exams- I haven't even started! Good luck with them!

    Just followed you on instagram, my username is shmarahshmibros