Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tish's Top 5!

Bonjour friends!

It's that time of week again, another one of my top 5s! I know it should have been done yesterday, but I was clearing out my wardrobe for when my sister moves back - it took me a long long time! But it's all done now, and I have a post coming up on some of the things I found in there that I completely forgot I had - keep an eye out! This week's top 5 is 'Tish's Top 5 Tim Burton Films'. Seeing as I did actors last week, I'll do actresses in a few weeks time! This week, it isn't in any particular order, I couldn't possibly rank them. 

1. Sweeney Todd

This is most definitely my favourite film at the moment. It's such a good storyline, and there is just about the perfect amount of gore needed for a film like this. I love the casting of Sweeney Todd as well - I mean, who doesn't love a film with Johnny and Helena in!? Plus, the soundtrack is better than awesome, and since I bought it I cannot stop listening to it. Highly suggest you all go and watch this (unless you hate blood, it may make you feel a little bit sick...)

2. Alice in Wonderland

Another Tim classic, and yes it has Johnny and Helena in it. One of the main reasons I love this film, other than the brilliant acting from the best cast, it's the fact it's so Tim Burton. It's so imaginative, and the colours and I just love it. I also love how they filmed 99% of it in a massive green screen room. Really think Tim did the original Alice in Wonderland justice by adding his own twist. I realise that loads of people don't like it because it 'ruins' the original, but it's so different to the original, I don't understand how it 'ruins' it? Ah well, I love it.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas

I understand that Tim didn't direct The Nightmare Before Christmas, but he did co-write it and produce it, and this is one film he is really well known for. Again, I love the imagination that went behind this, and for a film that was made in 1993 it's really good quality. Furthermore, the songs from this film are brilliant. 

4. Edward Scissorhands

It doesn't matter how many times I have seen this film, it makes me cry every single time. The storyline to it is brilliant - only Tim could think of giving some man scissors for hands. The whole Edward and Kim situation is so sad, but Tim also manages to get in some comical bits, such as the scene when he punctures the waterbed, and covers it up with a little toy dog. I crack up every time I see that bit - brilliant!

5. Sleepy Hollow

I always remember my sister and mum watching this film when I was younger, and I always used to be scared of it. However, it was on TV the other month, and who am I to turn down a Tim/Johnny film!? So I watched it, and realised how unbelievably amazing it was. Similarly to Sweeney Todd, there is just the right amount of blood in this film - Tim doesn't go overboard with it. Plus, fun fact for you all, the tree in Sleepy Hollow (in the picture above) is used in Alice in Wonderland as well (you can see it in the background of the Alice in Wonderland picture). Thought you'd all like to know.

6. Dark Shadows

I know what you're thinking.. 'she's done six!?'. I know I've done six, and that's simply because I couldn't miss any of these out. I had my list of five, and completely forgot about Dark Shadows and as I couldn't replace any of the others, I added it on the end. Honestly, Dark Shadows is such a funny film. It's just the fact that Barnabas Collins is from 1752, and it's set in 1972, and he has to get used to everything. One of my favourite bits is when he's talking to Carolyn about 'birthing hips' and such things. Johnny Depp is such a brilliant actor.

So yeah, that's my top 6 Tim Burton films. Obviously, I really do love all of his other films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie, but the ones in the top 6 are my all time favourites. I just love the darkness behind all of Tim's work, there's little traits in all his films - like the dark make-up around the eyes. I just think he is a fantastic writer/director/producer, and I honestly cannot wait to see what he has in store the years to come. GAH I LOVE YOU TIM.


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