Sunday, 13 October 2013

Horror Films

Hello friends!

Long time no post! I am so bad with this blogging malarky it's unreal. I apologise for anyone who is expecting regular posts, you're not going to get them here!

So me and my sister have made a deal - if I watch 12 horror films with her during October she will take off some of the money that I owe her. Being someone with no money, I can't really turn it down. I have never been into horror films, I watched 'Haunting in Connecticut' once and that terrified me. But as I'm hoping to be a film student next year, I need to get on it a little bit more.

We started with Nightmare on Elm Street, which wasn't scary at all. Plus, it's got Johnny Depp in it, and we all know how much I adore Johnny. Then we watched Scream, that also wasn't scary at all but I think it's because I had watched Scary Movie before and I kept remembering scenes in that and just laughing. The most recent one we have watched was the Evil Dead. I was the most terrified about watching this one because I heard that it was really really scary, but after watching it I was fine. I was a little bit on edge, but it honestly wasn't that bad. 

There are still loads of films left on the list, the next one that I am really petrified about is 'Grave Encounters'. My sister told me that when she watched it she was scared for months. Can't wait for that..........

Thank you for reading, I will keep you all updated on how this horror movie-ing is going. I can't wait until it's over! 

Until next time.

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