Friday, 6 February 2015

Wishlist: Phone Cases...

Hello friends,

I'm currently writing this on my phone and I will edit it on my laptop a little later. We're having a 'Friends' session and everyone is watching it on my laptop, hence why I'm using my phone. I apologise if the font etc is wrong... I have no idea how to change it, or even if you can change it. They really need to update the app, it's absolutely rubbish. A bit like how I've been with blogging recently, which I also apologise for. I've really not found time at all, which shouldn't really be an excuse. I've completely failed my New Years resolution... well the blogging part of it.

I have been going really well with my youtube channel, I haven't missed one week of uploading, which isn't too bad for the whole month. Genuinely thought I would forget to do it one week, but I haven't... so all is well in the world of youtube.

Now onto the post. I'm going to be doing a wishlist, except on a Friday (unless you're counting 1am in the morning as Saturday) instead of a Wednesday. Who needs to follow the days of the week!? Not me! I'm going to be doing a phonecase wishlist. Recently, my phone is falling to pieces. I've got an iPhone 5s, which I got last year in March on my birthday. I've dropped it quite a few times, and the casing is all falling off around the edges, and now the screen has a small bit where you can get your nail under and pull on, which then makes it come off. And now, I've got into the habit of doing that subconciously, so I now need to get a case to cover it so that I can stop myself from pulling my screen and completely ruining it. I should have probably kept the case on that I had from the beginning... oops.

I literally adore all of these. I have a lot of love for pretty much all of the Disney ones, not just the two that I've included on here. There are a lot of Olaf that I want in my life, and also a lot from Tangled (especially the lantern scene). Tangled and Frozen are my two favourite Disney films, so choosing between having something from one of the films on the back of my phone would be way too hard for me to choose. You can probably also tell that I also have a big obsession with The Fault in our Stars. I have already seen the film six times since it came out, which is probably about 6 months ago. And since getting the book for my birthday last year, I've read it four times. I know that seems like a lot, but I'm sure there is probably a lot of people in the world that have read/seen it a lot more times that I have done. It's such a good book, and it's also such a good film which sticks to the book so well... and it's also written by John Green so who wouldn't love it!? It's seriously such a good story, so I would recommend to anyone (whether you're a boy or girl, old or young) to watch it at least. Plus, it means you get to look at Ansel Elgort for about 2 hours. Happy days. That man is probably the love of my life, after Johnny Depp of course. 

I ended up not actually going with any of these though? I literally couldn't choose between them, but I think I might get all of them and alternate them everyday, like the cool kid that I am. I ended up going for this one here: 

This one is as adorable as the rest? Am I right? Up is also one of my favourite Disney films, and mint green (I can't remember whether I've mentioned) is my ultimate favourite colour - hence why I decided on this one. It's so freaking cute.

Anyway, folks, that is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading. Now to get back to Friends! Love that show!

Until next time...

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