Thursday, 8 January 2015

Challenge for 2015...

Hello friends!

So, I've just got Pinterest. If anyone would like to tell me how to use it, feel free, because I have no idea at all. I'm just scrolling on through, pinning things to boards, not having a clue what's going on. I think I'm doing it right...

Anyway, on my scrolling travels, I came across this.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I have had a recent obsession with reading. It started around Christmas, and at the moment I am reading the Divergent triology. Classic teen book, but it's the kind of thing I love, so I'm enjoying it. 

But I saw this, and thought it was a perfect challenge for me to complete this year. I have a number of titles in mind for a lot of the points on this list - "The Fault in our Stars" for a 'book that made you cry'. I've read it 4 times before, once more won't hurt - I just really enjoy John Green's writing. 

Anyway, I thought I would post this on here for you guys to have a look at, and maybe try it for yourself. Nothing wrong with a bit of reading... I recommend listening to the Interstellar soundtrack while reading, it is one of the most relaxing things I've done in such a long time. All I really needed was to be on a sun lounger by the side of a pool in a really hot country to make it extra perfect. 


until next time...

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