Monday, 5 January 2015

Guess Who's Back...

Hello Friends!

Well grease me up and call me slider, look who's back!? It's been about 7 months since I last wrote a post, which is way too long on my opinion.

I made the decision, for my New Years resolution that I would 're-launch' my blog and youtube channel. Seeing as I haven't written a blogpost in 7 months, you would not have heard about my youtube channel. After attending Summer in the City in 2013 for the first time, and knowing I was going to the event in 2014, I was prompted to make a channel and post my own videos. So 5 months ago, about a month before Summer in the City 2014, I posted my first video. From then I have only posted a few videos, but because I enjoy it so much I have decided to start doing it again as my New Years Resolution. I never usually come up with resolutions because I know that I won't stick to them as it usually involves doing something I don't enjoy (for example, 'do exercise' or 'stop eating chocolate'). However, blogging and youtube are both things I did enjoy when I was doing them, so why not try it again!? 

So, Tish, what's your first post of 2015 about? Why not write about everything you've done in 2014!? 


So in January, I got my first car. I got a little silver Peugeot 206 that I named Patrice. I didn't have a picture of him anywhere, so here's a picture of a learner plate - you get the idea. Can't believe I've nearly had the car a year! He's still running, just about...


By the looks of things, on all social media that I have (facebook, instagram etc) I did nothing of interest in February. All I was really doing was learning to drive and revising for my A-Level exams. I suppose that's something to note?


March was a little bit more busy than February! I passed my driving test (!?!?), and I went to two concerts 13 days apart - Fall Out Boy and The Wanted. They were both in Cardiff, and for Fall Out Boy me and my sister queued from nine in the morning and ended up being front row. It was one of the best things I have ever experienced in my life - they are amazing live. On the other end of the music scale was The Wanted, and it was their last ever tour before they split - it was a tad bit emotional. In between the two concerts I turned 18 - finally an adult. To celebrate, I got my cartilage pieced... wild one, I am!


April was a cool month for me. After seeing The Wanted in March, I fell in love with both Elyar Fox and The Vamps as they were the support acts for The Wanted. They were both in Reading (which is about 20 minutes on a train away from my hometown) about 4 days apart, both doing signings. Well, I say The Vamps were... 2/4 of them were. Half isn't bad! I went to both of the signings and had a whale of a time. Shame we weren't allowed selfies with Brad and Con! 


So May was the month of McBusted - the BEST concert I've been to in my life, and as you can tell by this post I have been to a far few. My last post was about this, you can read it here. In summary, we got tickets into the 'OMFG zone' (£150 tickets) which put us right at the front of the stage. Yup. It was pretty cool. I also started my A-Level exams... fun!


The only cool thing I had during June was my Year 13 prom. It was such a nice way to end all of the A-Level exams and to say goodbye to my friends before we all went off to uni/work.


In July we went on holiday down to Selsey - sounds boring, but it was so relaxing. I went with my mum, nan and brother and stayed in a caravan - it was so basic but so fun. I also discovered a lot of self confidence as well. Before then, I hadn't bought a swimsuit for years but I spent pretty much all day on the beach in just a swimming costume, and when we went anywhere I would go in a dress with bare legs. It was nice to feel that confident with how I looked. I also didn't wear make-up until the evening. That was new!


August was the time for Summer in the City, which I mentioned sparked my interest for starting a youtube channel in 2013. I met so many amazing youtubers, and due to attented Creator Day (a day for creators, not fans) I managed to talk to some of my favourites and attend panels on how to youtube, basically! Here are just a few of the many selfies I took over the weekend - Caspar and Joe, Dan and Phil, Tyler Oakley, Jack and Dean, Jim Chapman, and Marcus and Alfie. The best weekend of my life. By far. 

Also in August, I got my results from my exams. I managed to get into my top choice university - Winchester - to study Film Production. I remember being so excited back then!


In September I moved to uni. It was the most terrifying week of my life - going to this new city where there was literally no one I knew. For the first week I absolutely hated it, but now I love it. As soon as I made a couple of friends, they introduced me to other people and now I have a group of friends that I completely adore. So glad I went. Also in September, I met The Janoskians. After being a fan of them for so long, and them living in Australia and America, I thought my chances of meeting them were pretty damn slim. But it happened, and although the meet and greet was an absolute shambles, I'm so glad I met them.


As I mentioned earlier, all the way back in April, I fell in love with The Vamps after I saw them in March. I decided to buy tickets to their tour, and ended up being about 10 rows back. They are so amazing live, and I'm so glad I went. I also managed to meet all of their support act - E of E - afterwards too. As you can probably already tell, I'm a bit of a 'concert-goer'.


November was a pretty chill month. I was doing stuff I absolutely love at uni, being with friends, making films, have the odd party from time to time. The photo on the right was when we went to The Hunger Games Triple Bill in Southampton. It was the first time I had ever seen any of The Hunger Games films, and I was absolutely blown away. I'm glad I watched them in order, I would recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen them.


December was spent with people I adore. I spent the last week of uni with my closest friends, drinking a little bit too much alcohol and having a good time. And then when I came home for Christmas I was reunited with my family and best of all, my cats. I had such a nice Christmas, it was such a relaxing, 'do-nothing' day. And to top the year off, on the 31st December I got a new little baby cousin. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

So, that was my year. A nice long post to return with. It feels so nice to be back - like I said I absolutely love doing this and I cannot wait to get back into the routine of blogging weekly. 

Until next time.... 

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