Monday, 22 April 2013

Instaweek 2!

Hello guys!

Time for another instagram roundup. I apologize again for the lack of posts, I'm sure a lot of you know how stressful exams are. Therefore, this post isn't going to be very long because I still have loads of stuff to do for tomorrow. I swear teachers don't understand that we have loads and loads of revision to do for exams, because they always pile so much work on us to do in no time at all! I JUST WANT TO FOCUS ON GETTING GOOD A-LEVELS PLEASE! Anyways... on to the instagram photos:

1. Lesson selfies - when the teacher leaves the room, and your friend goes on her phone with this face, you just have to take a selfie with her... 
2. New hoodie - my friend (who was in the previous photo) bought me a late birthday present. She had already bought me loads, but she found this for me. It's basically a jumper with a cat on the front, and cat ears.. me loves it.
3. Distractions - now, this isn't the only photo of my cat(s) this week, as you'll soon find out. I had to take a picture of this one, because every time I put her back down on the floor she'd climb back up and sit right where I was about to write... STRESS.
4. Cat selfie - she was being loving, so I had to take a photo!
5. Another cat selfie...
6. Sky-high heels - I had these heels for prom, and in the picture they don't look too high, but they are SO high. I'm so impressed with myself that I managed to keep them all night!
7. Revision - as I have already mentioned about a billion times, I have been doing gigantic amounts of revision.
8. Mirror Drawers - I love these drawers so much. They're the perfect size for anything small that you find on your dressing table! My nan bought them for my birthday but forgot to give them to me! I think they're from Sainsburys!
9. Silly photos - this one was supposed to be an embarrassing photo of my friend, as she was taking stupid ones of me, but it actually turned out to be quite a nice photo! It's because I have amazing photography skills (sarcasm intended).
10. More revision...
11. Patrick Stump - I have grown such a love for this man. If you don't know who he is, he is in Fall Out Boy, and if you read my previous post you would have found out that I have grown quite a big obsession with them. I just think Patrick Stump is a beautiful human being, that's all.
12. Yeah, more Patrick...
13. Goblet of Fire - I have started reading the Harry Potter books, and in about 2 and a half months I'm on the 4th book. I don't know whether I'm taking ages or not, but considering I have loads of things to do other than read, I don't think I'm doing too bad!
14. Another selfie - this one was before work, and it was taken at about half 8 in the morning. I wouldn't usually be that happy at that time in the morning, but because it was sunny and I was spending all day outside, I was pretty chuffed!
15. More cats - Tigger is such a photogenic cat, if there is such a thing! He just sits there in the perfect position waiting for you to take a photo, hence why there is always photos of him on my instagram...
16. Tigger, again!
18. Strawberries and cream - I have grown to be very fond of strawberries. I have always liked them, but I think I've eaten about 3 punnets of them in the last couple of weeks to myself, oops! I just wish they weren't so expensive *sad face*
19. Another selfie - this was on the way to school, and yeah, it's my face

Hope you enjoyed my second instagram round up! I'm sorry these posts are really pointless, but I promise you they will get a lot better! Once exams are out the way! Only about a month or so.. ARGHHH!

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