Monday, 15 April 2013

Week 1 of my Instaweek!

Hey there!

I didn't know what this post was going to be about, and then my sister suggested doing an 'Instagram roundup'. My instagram is just full of random things that I get up to during the week, so I thought it would be nice to share the pictures with you guys if you don't follow me!

1. Selfie - yeah, okay, I'm partial to a selfie once in a while!
2. Carpet Surfing - Maizey was being really playful, so she posed for a little picture!
3. Mother - so we went bowling, I took a few selfies with my mum....
4. Bowling - yeah, our bowling alley isn't anything special.
5. Frankenweenie - I couldn't wait to see this, I didn't manage to go to the cinema to see it *sad face*. But I can say I wasn't disappointed, mind you that might be a biased opinion because of my love for Tim Burton.
6 - Secret drawer - after Easter I have piles and piles and piles of chocolate to get through, but I've been using it as an incentive for revision so infact, I have got a good way through it!
7 - Mitsi's favourite toy - I have this small piece of blue ribbon that my cat absolutely loves.
8 - Thomas Parker - a picture of one of the times I met The Wanted, Tom is looking fineeeee!
9 - Jaybird - another picture from when I met The Wanted. Gotta love me a bit of Jay!
10 - Instant Wins - I have been living off these things, GAH WHY DOES MCDONALDS HAVE TO BE SO TASTY YET SO FATTENING!?
11 - Blog book - yeah, I got myself a blog book that I can write down my ideas when I think of them in random places (i.e. the shower or in bed)
12 - Intruder - my mum bought the dog a new bed, but one of my cats seem to have been using it more
13 - Cats - can you tell I love cats from the amount of photos there are of them? Just another one of Midnight!
14 - Harry Potter - I've only just started reading the books *hangs head in shame*... However, I am already 3/4 of the way through the 3rd book!
15 - Another cat selfie - self-explanatory really!
16 - GET AWAY - I put my water down on the side and looked away for a matter of seconds, and looked back to find my cat drinking my water. Guess she was thirsty!
17 - Peek-a-blue - I stole this look from a beauty youtuber I have been subscribed to for a while now, her name is Emma Pickles. I think she is fantastic, and this look was really simple for someone like me who doesn't have a clue what she's doing!
18 - Childhood times - I used to have these all the time when I was a kid - SLUSH PUPPIES! Mmmmm, additives and things that make me hyper!
19 - Drawers - I picked these beauties up in Matalan for £25. They're so nice, and they're the perfect size for all the little things that I manage to collect!
20 - Lips - I absolutely love this colour, I just wish I was brave enough to wear it in public! 
21 - More cats - I was pretty impressed with the quality of this photo, seeing as it was just the camera on the iphone! Plus, it's of my cat. 

That's all! There were a few more photos, but I thought that 21 was enough for you to look at! I hope you enjoyed looking at them all, and if you want to follow me, either click the button to find me on the sidebar on my blog, or just type in 'sladey96' and follow me! If you do, comment with your usernames if you would like a follow back!

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  1. I like the way your collage is set up! Great pictures :)