Friday, 5 April 2013

My Trip To London

Hello There!

So on Wednesday, I made my way to London. I was originally going later on in the day to go and see Sam Callahan, who is an upcoming singer/songwriter (I suggest you go check him out on twitter and youtube and such things), but my friend Hannah suggested going to meet her and go shopping around London.

Firstly, I got dropped off in Newbury where I bought Sam some sweets and some headphones for myself so I wasn't bored on the train on my way up to London. When I got to Reading station, I got to go on one of the new platforms which was a bit exciting - it's all new and modern. I then got to London Paddington and met my friend, and we went straight on the tube to Covent Garden. I've only ever been to Covent Garden twice before, and so it was really cool to see again. There were loads of crazy street performers, but sadly I didn't get any pictures. However, Hannah and I did get a picture with Dora the Explorer in egg-form:

It got to about 2 o'clock, which is when we went to T.G.I.Fridays for lunch. It was the first time I had ever been there, and when looking at the menu I was so shocked at the prices of everything, so I went for the cheapest thing on there which was a 'classic american burger'. It was rather delicious, and after tasting it I didn't mind paying £10.99 for it. After leaving T.G.I.Fridays, we went to a sweet shop that Hannah was telling me about earlier on called 'Cyber Candy'. It sold so many American sweets, and so I decided to buy myself some Icebreakers, which I didn't like.

After this, we walked from Covent Garden to Leicester Square (which apparently wasn't a long walk, turned out to be like 20 minutes, my legs were KILLING). We went into m&m world, and because it was so busy we walked around for about five minutes, then ended up walking out because we were getting pushed all the time. We then made our way to Oxford Street, and we only went in about 5 shops because that was too, really busy. We went in Urban Outfitters, and I was stopped because the make-up in my bag set the security things off. I was so embarrassed. 

It got to about half five, so we decided to jump back on the tube to get to Great Portland Street station, which is where I needed to go to get to Sam's gig. When we got there, it took us a long while to find the venue, but because it was such a wait until the gig started we went and sat in Starbucks so we could stay warm (the joys of British weather), and I could charge my phone. I had my first ever coffee-based drink from Starbucks, which was an iced caramel macchiato. I'm not going to lie, I didn't enjoy it at all, but that's because I'm not a big coffee lover! However, I'm quite chuffed they managed to spell my name.

Me and Hannah also took about a billion selfies... here's just one:

So yeah, that's pretty much what my whole day consisted of. I met loads of people I talk to on twitter at the gig as we well, and they were all so nice! Sam was amazing, and his support acts were all so talented (The Parades, Lydia Lucy and Philippic). I didn't get in until about half one in the morning, and my legs were throbbing so much, but it was all worth it because I had such a good day!

I hope you all enjoyed my first blog post! CHEERS FOR READING!

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  1. I love London, it's such a fantastic place to visit esp for shopping :D