Monday, 8 April 2013

New Look Favourites!

Hey guys!

I have spent a good fraction of today completing my media case study, and it's finally finished! *CHEERS AND DANCES*. I'm so happy it's finished, because I have been working on it for weeks! 

I also just had a look-see at the New Look website at clothes I wish I had enough money to buy. It all looked so nice, and I wanted to buy literally everything. So instead of mopping around because I can't afford these nice things, I decided to put a few outfits together.


This is most definitely my favourite of the three outfits I put together. I absolutely love the elephant print top and the black skater skirt together. Also, the studded denim jacket looks AWESOME! I love the bag so much, and the jewellery is perfect! I worked out this outfit to be about £106, which is hell of a lot of money, which I don't have! However, I am definitely considering buying the bag and the skirt, because they will go with anything!


I also love this outfit to pieces! It's quite a rocky look, and the studs on the bag and leather jacket are really fashionable. The blue acid wash shorts are also really nice, and they're not really short like some girls are wearing today! The bracelet is one that wraps around the wrist, and there's a popper to keep it done up. I think it looks really nice all put together. The outfit overall costs about £240 *gasps*! However, the leather jacket alone was £144, which I would never personally spend on a jacket. A leather jacket could be picked up a lot cheaper at somewhere like Primark. Without the leather jacket in the price, it costs around £95, which isn't too bad. I really like the boots in this outfit, and the white shirt. I might consider buying them for myself as well.


I love, love, LOVE this outfit so much! The dress is gorgeous, I am a massive fan of the aztec pattern. I chose these converse-type shoes to go with it because I think it would be good as a casual kind-of outfit. I also love the blue on the jewellery, it's such a nice colour. On the watch face, there's a little black moustache and a hat and some glasses which I think is really, really cute! Lastly, the headband is really cute and I think it would look really good in messy, wavy, blonde hair! The black one came in a two-pack with a light pink headband, but the pink didn't go with this outfit at all! This outfit is by far the cheapest of all three at only £54, which I believe to be quite reasonable for the amount you're getting. This is the one outfit I'm seriously considering getting all of, because I know each element of the outfit will go with something I already own! I just need to get some more money from somewhere! 

Anyways, that's all I have to write about! I wanted to do this post ever since my last one, but I didn't want to post too early and be too keen! I hope you enjoy!